The hospice of our master Ibrahim Al-Khalil serves 4,000 hot meals daily

Hebron - Together - It is said that the city of Abu Al-Difan, our Master Abraham, peace be upon him - Hebron - is the city in which no hungry person sleeps, thanks to the blessing and hospice of our Master Abraham, which works to provide hot meals to those arriving there and its permanent visitors. Since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, according to the head of the Supervision and Support Committee of Sayyidna Ibrahim Hospice, Wissam Al-Kurdi, 96,000 hot meals have been provided, at a rate of 4,000 meals per day. Al-Kurdi explained during his conversation with our correspondent in Hebron, thanks to the efforts and donations of philanthropists and philanthropists, from the people of the city of Hebron in particular, and from the people of Palestine in general, the pattern of food provided has changed, as the amount of fresh sheep meat that is cooked in the hospice has increased, and we expect by the end of the holy month that We have cooked sheep for 24 days, and the remaining days of chicken. Al-Kurd i said: 'Praise be to God, who has enabled us, with the help of benefactors and philanthropists, to bring happiness and joy to the hearts of many who suffer from difficult economic conditions, due to the circumstances, the unemployment of workers, and the irregularity of employee salaries. For the first time, fresh sheep meat is cooked over a period of 24 days, and this is thanks to God is upon us.' Al-Kurdi pointed out that the supervising committee, in cooperation with the Ministry of Endowments, set their sights on expanding the hospice headquarters, in order to accommodate the increase in the number of visitors to the hospice. For his part, the director of the hospice of our master Ibrahim Al-Khalil, Hazem Mujahid, said that the hospice's stoves will not fade or their fires will not go out, until God wills, thanks to the blessing of our master Ibrahim and the donations of benefactors. Pointing out that at the hospice, in cooperation with the Hebron Endowments Directorate, and the committee supervising and supporting the hospice, they are studying proposals to improve the quality and performance of the hospice's work, to serve its patrons. Mujahid thanked, in his name and the name of the Ministry of Endowments, the committee supervising and supporting the hospice, and the visitors of the hospice, all the benefactors who did not delay in providing assistance despite the difficult circumstances from which we are suffering. Source: Maan News Agency