The occupation prevents citizens from entering or leaving Derastia

Salfit Ma'an - On Tuesday morning, the Israeli occupation forces prevented citizens from entering or leaving the town of Derastiya, northwest of Salfit. The mayor of Derastiya, Firas Dhiyab, said: 'The occupation soldiers set up a military checkpoint at the entrance to a dirt road, preventing citizens from entering or leaving the town.' Dhiab added that citizens are using the dirt road after the occupation army closed the main entrance to the town with dirt barriers. Dhiab pointed out that the town is subjected to daily violations by the occupation through incursions and raids into citizens' homes, and attacks on them. It is noteworthy that the occupation practices a policy of collective punishment on more than 20 thousand citizens in their residential communities, and closes the entrances to their towns of Derastiya, Haris, and Kifl Haris, located northwest of Salfit, as the only road for them is known as the ferry route only. Source: Maan News Agency