The perpetrator was martyred… 4 occupation police officers were injured in a double operation near Qalqilya


Qalqilya - Ma'an - Hebrew sources said, at dawn on Wednesday, that a Palestinian injured four occupation police officers, in a double run-over and stabbing operation near the Eyal crossing, north of Qalqilya. The Hebrew sources said that the perpetrator was shot dead by the occupation forces after trying to stab a security officer at the Eyal crossing. In details reported by Hebrew sources, the perpetrator ran over four police officers near the 'Kochav Yair' settlement, then fled in his car towards the 'Eyal' checkpoint, and there he tried to stab a security officer, and he was shot, which led to his death, and a second person who was with him fled. Large forces from The occupation army chased him. Magen David Adom reported that the condition of two police officers was serious. Ma'an's correspondent reported that the occupation forces closed the entrances to the city of Qalqilya, following the run-over operation that took place inside the Green Line, north of Qalqilya. Source: Maan News Agency