The Turkish Presidency condemns the Israeli attack on ‘International Kitchen’ in Gaza

Istanbul, The Turkish Presidency condemned the Israeli attack on a convoy of the World Central Kitchen organization in the central Gaza Strip, which resulted in the killing of 7 foreign employees who were supervising the provision of humanitarian aid to the people of the Strip. The Head of the Turkish Presidency's Communications Department, Fakhruddin Altun, said in a post on the "X" platform today, Tuesday: that Israel "continues acts of genocide and violations of international law while the international community fails to protect innocent Palestinians." He added: "Israel's human rights violations, which leave a deep mark on the memory of the international community, must be put to an end, and Israel must bear responsibility for the war crimes it committed." He pointed out that Israel has begun to use food as a weapon in Gaza, and that the delivery of humanitarian aid has become extremely important to prevent the looming famine. He stressed that the international community always remembers the efforts o f humanitarian workers who represent the strength of human conscience in confronting Israel's brutality in Gaza. The "Global Central Kitchen" organization had announced earlier today the suspension of its operations to transport humanitarian aid in Gaza, expressing its feeling of "shock" at the killing of 7 members of its team in an Israeli army raid on Gaza. The organization explained that "despite coordination with the Israeli army, the convoy was bombed while leaving the Deir al-Balah warehouse (central Gaza Strip)." It said that the seven people killed in the Israeli bombing in Gaza "were from Australia, Poland, Britain, and had dual American, Canadian, and Palestinian nationalities." For its part, the Israeli army claimed in a statement on Tuesday that it had opened an 'in-depth investigation into the incident through the highest ranks in the army to understand all its circumstances.' Since yesterday evening, Monday, Arab and international condemnations have continued for the targeting of internatio nal relief workers while they were trying to mitigate the effects of the starvation war practiced by Israel on Gaza, in addition to the catastrophic destruction it inflicted on the Strip over the past about seven months. Source: National Iraqi News Agency