Traditional Cuisine on Qatari Table in Ramadan /report/

Doha: Banquets vary during the holy month of Ramadan in each country, as Muslims of all races and regions rejoice to celebrate. Traditional dishes are unique, as they have their own distinction that cannot be affected by globalization, or by the process of acculturation between countries and peoples. Among the Qatari pioneers who carried the torch of introducing the Qatari cuisine regionally and globally is the Qatari author and presenter of cooking programs Chef Aisha Al Tamimi. Al Tamimi accumulated experience for decades, whether by presenting cooking programs on Qatar TV or other satellite channels across the region, or by cooking on board Qatar Airways in first and business class. In this regard, Chef Aisha Al Tamimi told Qatar News Agency in a statement that, considering the great demand for traditional dishes that she recently received after presenting her cooking to her family as well as various foreign communities in several events, she chose to share her experience with the world through her book 'Mawaed (Traditional Qatari),' which was launched in 2023 in its second edition. Al Tamimi pointed out that she always works to spread the culture of Qatari cuisine and introduce its components, whether through participation in international festivals or exhibitions, stressing that food is an important component of civilization as well as the cultural heritage of every people around the globe, given that it is an element of heritage. Cuisine is not merely food, but rather a social heritage full of life experiences inspired by the past, especially when combined with the holy month of Ramadan, where 'Thareed' and 'Harees' are the main dishes on the Qatari table, she added. Source: Qatar News Agency