UAE-Netherlands Week to strengthen bilateral exchange in celebration of 50 years of partnership

The United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of the Netherlands will jointly host the inaugural UAE-Netherlands Week from 30th May until 5th June, 2021, to promote cultural and knowledge exchange between the two countries.

The week comes against the backdrop of the two countries’ celebration of nearly fifty years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, as well as the UAE’s fiftieth anniversary since its founding as a nation.

Representatives of Emirati and Dutch governmental entities, cultural institutions, and youth organisations will take part in the daily online panel discussions.

Participants include Omar Saif Ghobash, Assistant Minister for Public and Cultural Diplomacy at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Hissa Abdulla Alotaiba, UAE Ambassador to the Netherlands; Lody Embrechts, Dutch Ambassador to the UAE; Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam; and Hans Sandee, Netherlands Consul-General in Dubai and Netherlands Commissioner General for Expo 2020 Dubai, amongst others.

Sessions will address diverse topics, including ways to strengthen cooperation in the arts and cultural sectors, promote food security and energy efficiency, empower women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and foster entrepreneurship and scientific innovation.

The Netherlands’ participation in the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai and its state-of-the-art biotope pavilion where the connection of expertise in the fields of sustainable energy, water management, agriculture, circularity and civil engineering meet will also be addressed.

The week will also include a "Youth Talk" series held in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Youth Hub. Topics include starting a business in the UAE and the Netherlands, female empowerment, being an artist in both countries, youth hubs in the two countries, bilateral educational exchange, and a talk titled "My Next 50 Years".

All talks will be streamed on the UAE's Foreign Ministry social media channels and available on the YouTube channel of the Office of Public and Cultural Diplomacy.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation