UN Relief Chief: Attacks On or Near Gaza Hospitals Unconscionable, Reprehensible and Must Stop’


New York, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths said that there could be no justification for any "acts of war" in or around any healthcare facilities, amidst reports that Al-Shifa Hospital - Gazas largest medical complex - has come under attack by Israeli forces.

The UN relief and humanitarian affairs chief tweeted that in light of "horrific reports of attacks", there could be "no justification for acts of war in healthcare facilities leaving them with no power, food or water and shooting at patients and civilians trying to flee." "This is unconscionable, reprehensible and must stop," Griffiths stressed.

"Hospitals much be places of greater safety and those who need them must trust that they are places of shelter and not of war," he added.

Since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip on Oct. 7, 198 health personnel and 36 civil defense personnel were martyred, and more than 130 were injured. At least 60 ambulances were damaged, including 53 that were completely out of work, and 51 of the ambulance personnel were out of work. 51 out of 72 health centers were not operating due to the damage caused by bombing or lack of fuel.

The Doctors Without Borders reported Saturday, that hospitals in Gaza have been under relentless bombardment over the past 24 hours while patients and medical staff were still trapped inside, calling for halting attacks against hospitals urgently.

The ongoing brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip has so far claimed the lives of more than 11,000, including 4,506 children and 3,027 women. More than 27,000 have been injured, the majority of them are children and women.

Source: Qatar News Agency