US existence on Syrian territory violates international law, Drulák says

The existence of US occupation on the Syrian territories violates the international law, said Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Mr. Petr Drulák.

Drulák noted that the US, through its intervention in other countries’ affairs, has caused a lot of wars and a status of instability in Europe’s neighboring countries.

“All justifications provided by US for its intervention and aggression do not absolve it of responsibility for what it has caused in several countries, from Yugoslavia to the Middle East and other countries,” Drulák said in an interview with Czech channel “CNN Prima News”.

He slammed the West’s policies towards Russia which are represented by freezing the Russian assets and the attempts of some Western countries to provide funds from these assets to Ukraine.

He also considered that this attempts constitute a dangerous act and a violation of international law on which the global financial system is based.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency