44th GCC Summit Final Communique Condemns Attack on Gaza, Affirms Support for Palestinian People -2-

Regarding environmental protection, climate change, and renewable energies, the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), in its concluding statement of the 44th GCC Summit, affirmed its adoption of the fundamental pillars of energy transitions (energy security, economic development, and climate change). This is through the continuation of sustainable investments in hydrocarbon resources to maintain stability in global energy markets, considering technological advancements by adopting the circular carbon economy approach as a comprehensive method to address challenges arising from greenhouse gas emissions. The Council emphasized managing these emissions using all available technologies and innovations to ensure the effectiveness, coherence, and alignment of these fundamental pillars.

The Council commended the achievements and efforts of the member states in the four pillars of the circular carbon economy (reducing, reusing, recycling, and removing emissions) encompassed by the Saudi Green Initiative and specific national contributions of GCC countries (such as renewable energy projects, energy efficiency, clean hydrogen production, carbon capture, storage, and utilization, and nature-based carbon removal solutions). It urged cooperation among GCC countries to apply the circular carbon economy approach in policies, mechanisms, strategies, plans, and related initiatives, including specific national contributions, affirming the enhancement of joint efforts to maximize the impact of GCC countries' efforts and initiatives in energy transition and climate change. This involves activating cooperation, exchanging expertise, and developing capacities with regional countries under the Green Middle East initiative.

Concerning joint military and security work, the Supreme Council approved the decisions of the Joint Defense Council in its 20th meeting held on Nov. 21, 2023, emphasizing the importance of enhancing joint military work. It reviewed the progress of joint military work in its various aspects and aimed to achieve collective military integration among the armed forces of GCC countries. It also acknowledged the continued joint military work through the unified military command, its units, and affiliated centers, along with joint exercises and coordination meetings for exercises during 2023.

Additionally, the Supreme Council approved the decisions of Their Highnesses, Excellencies, and Ministers of Interior in their 40th meeting held on Nov. 8, 2023, affirming the importance of enhancing joint security work.

The Supreme Council endorsed the unified guidance law for combating drugs and psychotropic substances, expressing gratitude for the efforts of agencies combating drugs, involving joint initiatives to monitor emerging criminal phenomena, exploitation of social media, and modern technology in drug trafficking operations targeting GCC countries.

The Council welcomed the efforts of the Committee of Interior Ministers regarding the unified tourist visa and adopted the outcomes concerning this matter, authorizing the Interior Ministers to take necessary measures for implementation. (MORE)

Source: Qatar News Agency