Abu Holi: The relief agency is suffering from a difficult financial situation that will affect its assistance to refugees

Dr. confirmed. Abu Holi, head of the Refugee Affairs Department, said that the difficult financial situation that the relief agency is suffering from will affect the provision of its services to refugees in the five regions, especially in the Gaza Strip.

Dr. called. Abu Holi during the opening of the services and rehabilitation center of the Buraij Society for Community Rehabilitation, in the presence of Dr. Adel Mansour, Director General of the Camps, the Mayor of Buraij, Engineer Ayman Dweik, the heads and members of the popular committees, the president and members of the association’s administration, and a group of personalities, mukhtars, notables, and representatives of the National and Islamic Action factions and partner institutions, all Segments of our society must adhere to the agency because it was established by international resolutions and stand up to anyone who tries to erase and write it off.

At the beginning of his speech, Dr. Ahmed Abu Houli sent condolences and sympathy to the Moroccan government and the brotherly Moroccan people for the victims of the earthquake that struck Morocco the day before yesterday, calling on God Almighty to alleviate their suffering from the effects of this disastrous earthquake.

Dr. praised Abu Holi praised the association’s activities and services, calling on all institutions to cooperate for the benefit of our Palestinian people, especially those with special needs.

He stressed that the Department of Refugee Affairs in the Palestine Liberation Organization pays attention to providing assistance to the camp’s institutions, including financial support, especially mentioning here community rehabilitation associations, service centers, youth activities, and also women’s centers.

Dr. pledged. Abu Holi continues to support this institution because the components of the camp, including its institutions, must return to health and be able to be friendly and supportive of segments of the components of the refugee community, especially in these difficult and difficult circumstances.

In turn, he thanked M. Ayman Dweik, Mayor of Al-Bureij Municipality, praised the association for the various services and activities it provides to the people of Al-Bureij camp, stressing the cooperation between the municipality and the institutions working in the camp because of its importance in determining the needs of the camp’s people. Eng

. Dweik for the projects that the municipality is implementing in the camp, especially in paving and paving the street leading to the association to facilitate the movement of citizens.

In his speech, A. Hatem Selim, Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, thanked the attendees for their participation in this opening, giving an overview of the association’s work, the school, the programs it implements, and its relationship with the local community.

Aslim praised the association’s management,

the school’s administration, and its employees, urging all institutions to cooperate in order to serve the camp’s people, specifically people with disabilities. He called on everyone to unite efforts to serve the residents of the camp in order to develop it and improve the conditions of the refugees and citizens there.

Aslim thanked Dr. Abu Holi for his support, standing, and encouragement of the association. He also thanked the German government (the German Development Bank), which financed and supported the construction of the center through the United Nations Development Program and all the loyal people. To support people with special needs.

The celebration included a distinguished participation by the children of Al-Bureij School for Special Education in a theatrical performance entitled (A Hand Alone Doesn’t Feel Bad) amid an atmosphere of joy and happiness on the faces of the attendees

Source: Maan News Agency