Iraq Participates In The Meeting Of Permanent Delegates To Prepare For The Preparatory Meeting Of FMs For The Arab Summit

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today, Tuesday, that Iraq participated in the meeting of Arab foreign ministers, in preparation for the Arab summit.

The ministry stated in a statement: "Iraq participated in the meeting of permanent delegates to prepare for the preparatory meeting of foreign ministers for the summit, the regular session (32), with a delegation headed by the Iraqi ambassador in Cairo, and its permanent representative to the League of Arab States, Ahmed Nayef Rashid al-Dulaimi, and the membership of the head of the Arab department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Osama Mahdi Ghanem, and the Consul General of Iraq in Jeddah and its delegate to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Muhammad Samir al-Naqshbandi, and his accompanying delegation, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It added: "During the meeting, preparations took place for the meeting of Arab foreign ministers, which is scheduled to be held tomorrow, Wednesday, for the summit of the regular session (32), in terms of preparing the draft agenda and draft decisions related to it, and submitting them to the foreign ministers for discussion and approval."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency