Ministry of Education and Higher Education Organizes First Physical Education Research Exhibition

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has organized the first physical education research exhibition, with the aim of shedding light on the field of physical education and health as they are among the most important basic areas related to the health and physical aspects of students.

The exhibition was held within the framework of the keenness of the physical education section of the Ministry's Educational Guidance Department to pay attention to problems and challenges and to adopt innovative ideas to develop physical education classes and activities through the formation of a research committee, given the great importance of physical education in improving the complementary aspects of the health and physical field such as enhancing self-confidence and developing personality.

Head of the physical education section of the Educational Guidance Department Faisal Al Badr said the committee seeks to spread the culture of scientific research in relation to physical education and determine its priorities, establish a database and research statistics related to physical education and sports, support research on the subject through encouragement and presentation support, publish outstanding research, follow up on its activation and benefit from its results.

Physical education instructor and head of the committee Aisha Al Mohannadi said the committee endeavors to advance scientific research to achieve a research environment complementary to Qatar Vision 2030, encourage scientific competencies among faculty members and push them towards keeping pace with the rapid progress of science and technology, creativity, innovation and development in the field of physical education.

The physical education section adopts specialized scientific research by establishing the committee that is concerned with ways to develop it and solve its problems. 40 researches competed for participation, of which 7 researches were selected to take part in the exhibition.

Source: Qatar News Agency