MOTC Unveils Latest Digital Government Developments in Qatar

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has received a group of students and administrative personnel from Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, and briefed them on the latest developments of the digital government in the State of Qatar. In the beginning, Ms. Mashael Ali Al-Hammadi, Acting Assistant Undersecretary of Information Technology Affairs at the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), welcomed the guests and urged them to ask questions and evaluate the digital projects of the Government of Qatar.

In a presentation made to the attendees, Ms. Aljazay Saleh Al-Sulaiti, Acting Director of E-Government Programs and Standards and Acting Director of E-Government Portal Department, said Qatar Digital Government Strategy seeks to achieve several goals, including improving government services, improving the efficiency of government administrative operations, increasing transparency and opening digital government to the public.

Al-Sulaiti explained to the guests that Qatar Digital Government 2026 strategy is expected to be more responsive to national perspectives, to make the technology sector more effective in the country, employ more artificial intelligence technologies, use data as a national and strategic resource, improve the quality of e-service delivery, focus on adopting modern and innovative technologies and make the governance framework in the digital government environment more flexible and innovative.

Al Sulaiti also highlighted the achievements of Qatar Digital Government Strategy 2020, including the launch of 1,300 e-services, the cumulative achievement of 300 million electronic transactions, the completion of more than 42 mobile apps, as well as the provision of 600 million Qatari riyals from systems contracts and joint services until 2020, among many others.

Regarding the projects supporting the implementation of the strategy, Yousuf Yacoub Al-Sahlawi, Planning Researcher at the e-Government Programs and Standards Department, spoke about Qatar Digital Government Training Program (QDGTP), pointing out that the Ministry trained the employees of 94 government entities within QDGTP 2016-2019, and the achievements of the program include holding more than 400 training courses, establishing eight training centers and completing seven technological partnerships.

Source: Government of Qatar

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