MP Determines The Path Of Legislation For The Draft Oil And Gas Law And Methods For Its Implementation

The MP of the State of Law Coalition, Thaer Makhif, determined the path of legislation for the draft oil and gas law and the methods for its implementation.

Makhif said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “The Federal Supreme Court said, earlier, its word regarding the oil and gas law, and gave space to those who want to implement this law in the correct manner, away from political pressures and compliments to the Kurdistan region.”

He expected that there will be controversy and problems within the House of Representatives during the presentation of the law, due to the cessation of exporting the region’s oil to Turkey, dues from Turkey, and the export of oil through SOMO.

Makhif stressed the need for the region to submit to the decisions of the Federal Court, noting that everyone must stay away from personal, narrow, partisan, and sectarian interests, for the sake of Iraq’s advancement and the interests of the citizens and their service.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency