Palestine Red Crescent Society Evacuates Patients, Medical Staff from Al-Quds Hospital

Gaza, Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) announced Wednesday that it has successfully evacuated patients, the wounded, their families, and medical staff from Al-Quds Hospital.

In a statement released early today, the PRCS said "It was a challenging and perilous day. Today, we managed to evacuate the patients, the wounded, their families, and the medical teams trapped in Al-Quds Hospital, compelled by the tragic situation that had befallen the hospital. This comes after more than ten days of siege, during which medical and humanitarian supplies were prevented from reaching the hospital." "As the hospital had become a threat to the lives of everyone inside due to the ongoing Israeli bombardment around the hospital and firing upon those inside, in addition to a complete power outage and the depletion of water and food for the patients, it became impossible to continue providing the necessary medical care under these conditions," the PRCS added.

The wounded and patients are being transported to receive the necessary medical care in southern hospitals that are already suffering from fuel shortages and a scarcity of medical supplies and medications, it said.

On Tuesday, Palestine Red Crescent Society said "the sole power generator at Al-Amal Hospital, affiliated with the PRCS in Khan Younis, stopped working. This threatens the lives of 90 patients receiving treatment, including 25 in the medical rehabilitation section who now face the risk of death at any moment. Additionally, around 9,000 displaced individuals have sought refuge in the PRCS premises and the hospital.

The hospital is currently relying on a very small generator to supply electricity only to the maternity ward and emergency lighting, it said, noting that the remaining fuel is expected to run out within the next 24 hours.

Source: Qatar News Agency