QU Announces Opening for Male Admission to Existing BSc Physical Therapy Program in Fall 2023

Qatar University's (QU) College of Health Sciences (CHS) announced the official opening for male admission to its existing BSc Physical Therapy program in Fall 2023.

In a statement, QU outlined that the online application process is now open, and the college is ready to welcome male students alongside female students, adding that the QU will have the opportunity to apply for a transfer to the Physical Therapy program in the CHS during the transfer period.

The university emphasized that such a step comes in line with the growing demand in the country for the recruitment of male physiotherapists, driven by the expansion of the health sector.

The BSc Physical Therapy is the first and only entry-to-practice degree program in the State of Qatar and is offered by the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science (PTRS), CHS. The PTRS department admitted its inaugural class of 17 female students in Fall 2019, all of whom successfully graduated in May 2022.

These graduates are currently employed in various health care facilities across Qatar, including Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Sidra Medicine and Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) with opportunities available in the private sector.

Vice President for Health Sciences and Medical Sciences Dr. Asmaa Al-Thani said: "One of our core strategic aims is the co-education of our health and medical sciences programs and improving the infrastructure of QU Health buildings to accommodate this diversity in line with our values and the simulation principles of hospital settings that students join at the third year of their degree.

"The admission of male students in the physical therapy program is a milestone, helping to meet the demands of the health care sector of Qatar and the region. Graduating young physical therapists of both genders reinforces the occupational capacity to provide holistic care and improve the population's health." For her part, CHS Dean Dr. Hanan Abdul Rahim said: "Our goal at the College of Health Sciences is to contribute to building qualified cadres in the health professions to support the needs of the ever-expanding health sector, which is known for the quality of its services and the high level of care it provides.

"Therefore, the college is striving to study and anticipate those needs in close cooperation with our partners in the health sector and to develop quality academic programs that suit local needs and are in line with international standards." PTRS Department Head Dr. Linzette Morris said: "We look forward to educating the first generation of high-quality male physiotherapy graduates for the local Qatar health care system, and particularly look forward to the production of the first Qatari male physiotherapists in Qatar. Through this program, the growing needs of Qatar's physiotherapy community and the overall health care needs will be met, which aligns with the national health strategy." Meanwhile, several representatives of health institutions in Qatar welcomed this step and emphasized that it meets the increasing needs for this critical specialization that would support health care's plans and strategies in the country.

Source: Qatar News Agency