Religious Affairs Directorate stresses sanctity of mosques


The Directorate of Religious Affairs at the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments stressed care for mosques in order to enable worshippers to perform their prayers and ensure the sanctity of the venue is upheld.

In a statement today, it stressed cooperation with the Sunni and Jaffari Endowments Directorates to follow on mosques and maintain the sanctity of places of worship.

It praised the efforts of khateebs and imams in promoting and enhancing the mission of mosques and consolidating their role in society to spread moderate Islamic culture.

The directorate regretted the recurrence of violations during Friday sermons at one of the mosques, stressing the necessity of respecting the sanctity of mosques and avoiding any politicization of mosques.

It affirmed that it would not tolerate any attempt aimed at reiterating crisis-mongering discourse, noting that places of worship should be at the forefront in defending the rule of law and staving off any violations.

It highlighted mainly the violations during sermons as well the hate slogans repeated by some worshipers, which contravenes the sanctity of places of worship and their lofty and venerable role.

Source: Bahrain News Agency