Sidra Medicine Publishes Pioneering Study of Immune Response to COVID-19

A consortium of researchers, led by Sidra Medicine (a member of Qatar Foundation), have published a ground-breaking study that illustrates the actions of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and identifies the molecular mechanisms that can predict the severity of the disease. The findings will be instrumental in the development of new versions of the vaccine as well as aid in the treatment of patients with severe symptoms of SARS-COV-2.

The study highlights a novel technique that can assess hundreds of various immunological pathways and antibodies (using a custom-made serological assay) with just a small amount of blood. The process can be done at home with a finger stick, similar to how diabetic patients test blood sugar levels.

Dr. Davide Bedognetti, A/Executive Director of Translational Medicine, and co-senior author of the study said: “The scientific community is still working to address some big questions about COVID-19 particularly related to the vaccine as well as the varying symptoms experienced by those affected by the disease.”

Source: Government of Qatar