The Negev.. He shot his wife, killing her, then attempted suicide

On Tuesday afternoon, a woman was shot dead by her husband who attempted suicide in the city of Rahad in the Negev.

According to preliminary investigations by the Israeli police, the man shot his wife, who was approximately 30 years old, in the head, leading to her death. Then he attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. He was seriously injured and was subsequently transferred to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba for treatment.

The police said that during the searches they found a pistol loaded with bullets, and confirmed that the husband would be arrested as soon as he recovered.

The Sidra Association, which runs the “Women’s Protection” project, responded to the killing, which was added to 21 killings of women since the beginning of the year, by saying: “The killing in Rahat refutes the popular claim that violence in our Arab society is confined to criminal organizations. The violence is clearly the result of years of discrimination and exclusion.” "And marginalization of the Arab community in general, and of Arab women in particular. Domestic violence and gender-based violence, which women have long suffered from."

She added, "It must be at the top of the priorities of the various government institutions, which are clearly unwilling to do so. The Minister of Finance claims that the budgets allocated to support Arab local authorities may be diverted to criminal gangs, thus hindering any possibility of addressing the phenomenon of violence and its repercussions and impacts on women

Source: Maan News Agency