Canada’s Alberta Declares Emergency Over Wildfires, 25,000 Forced to Evacuate

Canadian authorities declared Sunday a provincial state of emergency in Alberta after raging wildfires that forced about 25,000 residents to evacuate.

"We have declared a state of emergency in the province to preserve the safety, health, and safety of Albertans," Alberta Premier Danielle Smith told a news conference. It is reported that about 122,000 hectares of land were burned, and 20 towns were evacuated.

Smith explained that this Canadian province, which is one of the largest oil producers in the world, "has been experiencing a hot, dry spring and with so much kindling, all it takes is a few sparks to ignite some truly frightening wildfires." All of these factors combined led to an unprecedented situation that our province faces today, she added.

Smith said the state of emergency gives the county government "more powers to respond to extreme situations," including mobilizing additional capacity and releasing emergency funds.

The Canadian authorities have asked thousands of residents to prepare to leave at any time due to the continuous wildfires fueled by strong winds since Friday.

Source: Qatar News Agency