MADLSA Urges Recruitment Agencies to Update their Data

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) urged the owners of the recruitment agencies to update their data at the ministry’s recruitment department to ease and speed communication with the agency and its representatives.

The recruitment department is concerned with studying requests for the recruitment of workers from abroad, granting licenses to bring workers on behalf of others, settling disputes that arise between recruitment offices and employers, and referring them to the judiciary if they cannot be settled amicably in addition to renewing and canceling work licenses.

Qatari laws guarantee comprehensive protection for domestic workers through a law that guarantees their rights and the employer is obligated to provide the user with adequate food and housing, adequate health care, medicines and medical supplies in the event of his illness or injury during or because of the performance of work, without incurring any financial burdens to the user.


Source: Government of Qatar

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