Presidency Of The Republic: The President Is In Good Health And News He Was Injured While Disembarking From The Plane Baseless

The Presidency of the Republic confirmed that President Abdul Latif Rashid enjoys good health, and it is not true that he was injured while getting off the plane.

The presidency stated in a statement: "Some media outlets and social media circulated fabricated news claiming that the President of the Republic, Abdu al-Latif Jamal Rashid, was injured while he was getting off the plane. In this regard, we affirm that the news is baseless, and that the president enjoys good health and performs his duties as usual in the presidency of the republic.

It explained: "The president, throughout the past days, and until today, Tuesday, May 23, 2023, carried out many activities that were published and broadcast through the media, which confirms that what was reported by some social media and media outlets is not true."

The presidency explained: "It is no secret that the sources of these rumors are known and the goals are exposed, and they are irresponsible actions, as malicious people seek through them to confuse society and state institutions, and this is what obliges us to take legal measures to deter them."

It called on some media outlets to be accurate and careful of the need to verify the authenticity of the news before publishing it and adhere to the standards of credibility and professionalism in publishing.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency