The Ministry of Health is set to introduce the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV Vaccine), as a routine vaccine given to females and males aged 12 to 13.

Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Dr. Elal Alawi announced the plan as she opened a training workshop on introducing the papilloma virus vaccine and preventing cancerous diseases associated with it.

Themed “Prevention of Cancers Associated with Human Papilloma Virus,” the workshop reflects commitment to promoe disease prevention and the application of health strategies through the introduction of new and safe vaccines”, she said.

She stressed Bahrain’s strides in combating infectious diseases and controlling pandemics by introducing vaccines into the national immunization programme.

Indeed, the vaccine against smallpox was the first vaccine to be introduced in Bahrain in 1940. Then other vaccines were introduced to prevent diseases that could be avoided by vaccination of the target groups.

Bahrain has also recorded a success story that represented a role model and was praised by the World Health Organization while addressing the Covid-19 pandemic through the use of various vaccines.

Dr. Ijlal Al-Alawi stressed Bahrain’s commitment to implementing health strategies, developing and following up the progress of action plans and indicators of local programs, and strengthening the national capacity through integration between all levels of health care.

Source: Bahrain News Agency