Katara Art Center, Al Markhiya Gallery to Hold Exhibition of Students Artwork

The Katara Art Center (KAC) and Al Markhiya Gallery will hold an art exhibition showcasing the creative talents of female students in cooperation with Zainab Preparatory School for Girls.

The exhibition, lasting from Sep. 6-21, aims to raise interest and appreciation for art and culture by bringing the educational sector and private art galleries closer and encouraging community participation.

This represents a key initiative for KAC and Al Markhiya Gallery and their dedication towards cultivating artistic endeavors among students while fostering an environment for artistic growth and exploration, igniting long-term artistic passion, enhancing a sense of community pride and contributing to enriching cultural endeavors.

Anas Kotait from Al Markhiya Gallery said that they are delighted to collaborate with students on this inspiring initiative, describing art as a powerful tool of expression.

This collaboration embodies Al Markhiya Gallery's commitment to nurturing the creative spirit of the youth and providing a platform for students to display their art, he added.

Source: Qatar News Agency