Minister of Water Resources: We Are Continuing To Implement Irrigation Projects That Adopt Modern Technologies

The Ministry of Water Resources confirmed the continuation of the implementation of irrigation projects that adopt modern irrigation techniques to reduce water losses and increase agricultural yields.

The Minister of Water Resources, Awn Dhiab Abdullah, said, during a field tour to see the progress of the construction of field wastewaters within the Kamalia Land Reclamation Project, that "The Directorate of Maintenance of Irrigation and Sewer Projects in the Holy Governorate of Karbala continues the construction of field wastewaters within the project, which contributes to the reclamation of 1750 dunums, with the aim of ridding agricultural lands of salinity and groundwater and reducing water consumption.

He added, "The works include the construction of field trocars using trenches, consisting of secondary trocars with a pipe diameter of 70 cm, and the combined trocars with a pipe diameter of 40 cm. The project also includes the use of pipes with a diameter of 10 cm."

He explained, "The Kamalia reclamation project adopts the closed irrigation method, and this is within the ministry's directions to shift from open irrigation to closed irrigation."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency