MOEHE: Extending the registration period for siblings upon parents’ request

Mrs. Warda Al Aqeel, Head of Admissions and Registration Department, at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) stated that the sibling registration period has been extended for this year based on the parents ’desire to coincide with the early electronic registration, and she clarified the method for registering siblings, whether geographically affiliated with or not affiliated with the school.

Mrs. Al Aqeel said that there are some students who have siblings in the same school, whether they belong to the school geographically or not, so it is taken into account that the siblings are with each other in the same school since the sister student is in the school in the new school year.

Al Aqeel explained that the registration of siblings ?this year coincided with the early electronic registration and that a specific period was not allocated, according to the results of an electronically prepared questionnaire for parents in the last academic year, which indicated that most parents demanded an extension period for the registration period for siblings, which was limited three years ago. Years on two days, and last year it was for one week.

Source: Government of Qatar