MOTC: 518 thousand new accounts launched through “Tawtheeq”

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) announced that the number of new accounts that were launched through The National Authentication System (Tawtheeq) during the second quarter of 2021 reached more than (518) thousand accounts, as last April (128) thousand new accounts were added, and in May (187) thousand new accounts, and in June 201 thousand accounts.

The number of Government entities participating in The National Authentication System (Tawtheeq), which aligns with the objectives of the Qatar Digital Government strategy, has reached 17 in order to improve the level of Government services for individuals and companies.

The National Authentication System performs the task of verifying the digital identity on the national scale for all Government services on the internet, and provides secure authentication, as well as the digital signature service and the single sign-on service for electronic services. It also constitutes an essential element in developing and securing electronic services, and increases the level of Security, ease of use and efficiency of e-Government services provided to end users.

Source: Government of Qatar

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