UN Secretary-General Renews Call for Ceasefire in Gaza

New York, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres renewed the call for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, saying that the devastating Israeli airstrikes that killed World Central Kitchen personnel in the city of Deir al Balah in the middle of the Strip are "unconscionable but it is an inevitable result of the way the war is being conducted." Guterres said, addressing an informal meeting of the UN General Assembly held to discuss his report on "human security," that "it demonstrates yet again the urgent need for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, the unconditional release of all hostages, and the expansion of humanitarian aid into Gaza as the Security Council demanded in its resolution last week. "The devastating Israeli airstrikes that killed World Central Kitchen personnel yesterday bring the number of aid workers killed in this conflict to 196 including more than 175 members of our own UN staff," Guterres reported. "When I hear the words 'human security,' I think about the two million humans in Gaz a who have no security at all, desperately seeking protection from hunger, disease, and relentless Israeli bombardment," he said. In a related context, the UN Secretary-General affirmed that "our world faces very serious challenges. Conflicts, the climate emergency, and a global cost-of-living crisis are combining to reverse decades of development gains." "Many countries are struggling to implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Deepening divisions and growing inequalities are leaving people with a heightened sense of anxiety and even fear," He explained. He stressed that the "concept of Human Security, with its emphasis on people and prevention, has an important role to play in strengthening links at the local, national and regional levels, and creating momentum to tackle our shared challenges," indicating that the fourth report on Human Security focuses on the practical and operational value of human security, building on the experiences of Member States, regional and intergovernme ntal organizations, and the UN at Headquarters and in the field. "It showcases examples of the Human Security approach in action: supporting national peace and development objectives; strengthening regional cooperation; improving collaboration across the United Nations system and our partners," he added. The Israeli entity continues its aggression against the Gaza Strip, despite the UN Security Council (UNSC) issuing a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire during the month of Ramadan last week. Source: Qatar News Agency