World Press Freedom Day: UN Calls to End Attacks against Journalists

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres demanded the need to stop the threats and attacks against journalists and their detention and imprisonment for doing their work, stressing that the world stands by journalists in their quest to defend the truth.

Guterres warned in a message on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day that "Freedom of the press is the foundation of democracy and justice. It gives all of us the facts we need to shape opinions and speak truth to power. But in every corner of the world, freedom of the press is under attack." UN Secretary-General said that at least 67 media workers have been killed in 2022, a staggering 50 percent increase from the year before, nearly three-quarters of women journalists have experienced online violence, and one in four journalists have been threatened.

Ten years ago, the UN established a Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists, to protect media workers and end impunity for crimes committed against them, he said.

The UN celebrates World Press Freedom Day annually on the third of May. This year's celebration marks the thirtieth anniversary of World Press Freedom Day.

Source: Qatar News Agency