18 Palestinians Arrested in Large-Scale Arrest Campaign in West Bank

The Israeli occupation forces launched a large-scale arrest campaign in different parts of the West Bank on Monday, resulted in the arrest of 18 Palestinians.

According to Palestinian news agency (WAFA), the occupation forces arrested two Palestinians in the town of Azzoun, east of Qalqilya, and three others in Jabal Al-Mukabber neighbourhood in occupied Jerusalem.

In Hebron, the occupation forces arrested 11 Palestinians, and erected several military checkpoints at the northern entrances to Hebron and the entrances to the towns of Beit Ummar, Sair, and Halhul. The forces stopped and searched the vehicles and checked ID cards.

Two more Palestinians were arrested in Ramallah and Jenin after raiding and searching their houses.

The Israeli occupation forces have stepped up their aggression in the occupied Jerusalem and West Bank, increasing the pace of incursions into Palestinian towns and cities, as well as the arrests against youth and activists.

Source: Qatar News Agency