Derasat and SCE opinion poll maps societal awareness on the hazards of plastic waste


The Bahrain Center for Strategic, International, and Energy Studies (Derasat), is collaborating with the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) to conduct an opinion poll aimed at assessing society's awareness of the environmental hazards associated with waste from disposable plastic products used in households and businesses.

Given the widespread popularity and excessive presence of such products, the survey will encompass 700 participants representing a diverse cross-section of Bahraini society.

The primary objective is to examine consumption patterns, motivations, and preferences concerning the usage of plastics or potential alternatives. Moreover, the survey will emphasize the individual's role in reducing their personal plastic consumption.

"Results of this survey will help us understand consumption patterns and where to advise restrictions to curb plastic pollution in the ecosystem, besides measuring people’s tendency to adopt the use of eco-friendly products, and their realization of how hazardous plastic waste is, upon which national and international counter efforts were launched," Ahmed Abdul-Hameed Al-Ammadi, Derasat’s Head of Statistical Analysis, said.

"Society is a major factor in the success of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s initiatives in all areas, especially in environmental initiatives that seek to limit plastic pollution," Amna Hamad Al-Rumaihi, SCE’s Acting Director of Communications and Environmental Awareness said.

"Results of this study will help us enhance strategic plans embraced by the Supreme Council for Environment to develop legislation and complete environmental projects, programs, and initiatives."

She also praised the research partnership which integrated both SCE and Derasat goals.

The survey aims to introduce society to alternatives to plastic and available opportunities to alter consumption patterns in quality and quantity, aiming to improve the quality of life in all phases of consumption from manufacturing to recycling.

This effort falls under Derasat and SCE’s goals to increase examining some major environmental issues in society. Completing the e-questionnaire is possible by visiting Derasat’s website and its social media accounts and scanning the provided QR code with smart phones.

Source: Bahrain News Agency