DMC: EarthLink’s Participation In The Global Communications Summit Will Reflect Positively On The Telecommunications And Internet Sector In Iraq


The Digital Media Center (DMC) affirmed that the participation of Earthlink Company for Communications and Internet Services in the global "Electrical and Electronics Engineers" summit held in the United States of America is an important step in entrepreneurship in the digital field in Iraq.

The DMC stated in a statement: The annual conference held by the largest technical professional organizations in the world, which is the "Organization of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ", in which major international companies such as Google, Samsung and Toyota participated, in addition to a number of solid universities and research centers concerned with this sector from different countries of the world. .

It explained: The invitation that Earthlink received from the organizers of the World Summit came in order to explain EarthLink's experience in working in Iraq, and how it built a digital system that includes several joints and aspects related to the media and communications environment.

The center added: Earthlink, represented by its director Alaa Jassim, has become the first Iraqi company to participate in such a conference. It was also a sponsor and keynote speaker at the summit, which was attended by many prominent personalities at the level of communications and engineering in the world, most notably Dr. "Venton Cerf", who is considered one of the founding fathers of the Internet in the world, who indicated that "EarthLink's participation will reflect positively on the status of communications and the Internet in Iraq, and regarding the optical cable through the global transit."

The center stressed: the need for Iraqi companies to participate in such international conferences in order to benefit from the experiences of those companies in their countries and their success stories, and to provide and create a sound digital climate that actually embodies the digital age in which we live.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency