Federal Police arrests (7) defendants in various legal cases and seizes unlicensed weapons in Baghdad

Baghdad, Federal Police forces arrested (7) accused of various legal cases in the capital, Baghdad. The Ministry of the Interior stated in a statement, 'According to judicial arrest warrants, security efforts, and careful follow-up of the responsibility sectors in Baghdad, units of the First Federal Police Division were able to carry out security operations during which (7) defendants wanted by the judiciary were arrested on charges of (theft, quarreling, possession of unlicensed weapons, and shooting random fire, fraud, forgery) in the areas of (Al-Nahrawan, Bismaya, Al-Kamaliyah, Al-Fadhiliya, and Estikshafat area) It indicated that searches for unlicensed weapons in Kamalia area resulted in the seizure of two rifles, indicating that the accused with the seized weapons were referred to the competent authorities. Source: National Iraqi News Agency