QF Executive Director of Strategy: Foundation Plays Major Role in Developing Country’s Higher Education -1-


On preparing students for the future and contributing to building society and achieving sustainable development, Zainal said in her interview with QNA that their strategy in the field of higher education does not focus only on developing students' knowledge but it is also about upgrading their skills, attitudes and values. The strategy is based on sponsoring and nurturing outstanding individuals through their world-class, inclusive and innovative education system, Zainal added. With these considerations, our graduates are among the most sought after by employers both locally and globally for their high skills in the areas of leadership, problem solving, communication, empathy, creativity, innovation, sense of duty and responsibility, in addition to the skills and knowledge they acquire in our universities. The mindset is what prepares our students not only for the jobs of today, but also for the jobs of tomorrow." About QF's support for its students outside the classroom, Zainal noted that in parallel with the students' journey in Education City, they are trying to instill in them the idea that they are members of the QF community and an example to follow for everything it stands for, adding they are also keen to provide them with all the physical, emotional and mental support during their time at QF. This is evident in the various efforts aimed at enhancing the students' experience on campus and ensuring their student participation, she noted. An example of this, she said, is the provision of a supportive environment for them in the foundation's residential facilities, student participation programs at the campus level, community service and volunteer opportunities, in addition to the provision of opportunities for students to participate in academic and research programs, basic competency courses and university life experience. Even after students graduate, we continue supporting them through the alumni office by providing a number of professional services, networking events, and labor market linkage programs, she said.

With regard to promoting diversity and inclusion among the student and staff community at QF, Zainal stated that Education City universities provide students with a world-class education in a middle eastern context, especially since they have a responsibility first towards the citizens and residents of Qatar and towards the neighbors in the Gulf and the Arab region, pointing out that about 60 percent of the students are females and that the foundation provides a safe and inclusive place for everyone to realize themselves.

The QF, she noted, places great emphasis on diversity (it has a community consisting of faculty members, staff and students representing more than 113 nationalities, ensuring the provision of a rich experience for students in a diverse international environment), and it takes pride in its identity as a Qatari and Arab institution capable of providing international education and easily accessible by all parts of the region.

Speaking of the honoring ceremony of the graduates of QF Class of 2023 and its role in demonstrating the foundation's commitment to unlocking human capabilities, Zainal said the State of Qatar has always been committed to developing human resources. Over the past 25 years, QF has contributed to this commitment by investing in the educational excellence provided by its academic institutions and graduating students with outstanding capabilities, comprehensive knowledge, imbued with values, and keen on commitment to the development of their societies and shaping the features of their future.

Since the establishment of the partner universities, 8,804 male and female students have graduated from QF, including this year's class from (Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Weill Cornell Medicine, Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, Northwestern, and HEC Paris along with Hamad Bin Khalifa University), she said. Starting with the first cohort in which 19 students graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar up to this year's class with over 850 male and female students, the growth witnessed by the foundation is tangible evidence of the commitment to providing quality education, she stressed.

Source: Qatar News Agency