QF Executive Director of Strategy: Foundation Plays Major Role in Developing Country’s Higher Education


Executive Director of Strategy, Management and Partnerships at the Higher Education Division of Qatar Foundation Hend Zainal highlighted the foundation's role of advancing higher education in Qatar, following Education City's big success over the past years.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency , she said that Qatar Foundation is working with its national partners like the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Qatar University to ensure its academic programmes fit the need of the state and the region, while working on exploring new partnerships that meet the needs of the state in line with Qatar National Vision.

She added that the foundation is keen to ensure that its programs are complementary with each other, and is cooperating with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Qatar University to achieve the country's national vision to ensure that the academic curriculums are designed to best develop the country, expressing her hope that these efforts make the desired impact, give back to society and strive to make the world a better place.

She expressed her confidence that students applying to Qatar Foundation partner universities and Hamad Bin Khalifa University are looking for a comprehensive experience that goes beyond quality education, and share the desire to embody the standards, values and ideas that Qatar Foundation adopts and supports, in light of the records of the Qatar Foundation partner universities and Hamad Bin Khalifa University in terms of applications over the past few years.

On the opportunities available to the students thanks to being part of Qatar Foundation, she said that nothing matches the Education City experience. She noted that students get a unique educational experience that enhances their skills and prepares them to be the leaders and difference makers of the future.

She pointed out that after studying at one of Qatar Foundation's universities, students get the same certificate as their colleagues at the main university campus abroad. The curriculums taught in Qatar are identical to those adopted at the main university, and enjoy the same academic rigor, reputation and norms that accompany the educational process. She added that hosting these international institutions in Qatar is also an opportunity for students to get their educational experience with the local context and values that Qatar Foundation enshrines among its youth. She also said that students learn from a diverse group of faculty members in disciplines ranging from the arts, humanities, sciences, engineering, and medicine. They are also encouraged to explore their interests, as well as their chosen areas of specialization.

Zainal indicated that students not only have access to world-class education within their universities, but also opportunities to benefit from what the Foundations offerings, as they can benefit from lessons in other universities through the parallel enrollment system, so that students have an opportunity to pursue some secondary majors, obtain certificates from various university branches, and other opportunities. Students are also encouraged to get involved with each other in the activities of the Qatar Foundation community, as well as within the framework of their individual schools through clubs and societies located throughout Qatar Foundation. Our focus is on providing an ideal learning environment for students, enabling them to develop their potential, refine their skills, develop their knowledge, and uphold their values outside the classroom. (MORE)

Source: Qatar News Agency