Turkish Intelligence Announces The Killing Of A Prominent Leader Of The PKK In Northern Iraq

Key Issues

The Turkish intelligence service announced the killing of a prominent leader in the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK( in a security operation carried out by a Turkish intelligence force in northern Iraq.

A security source in the Turkish intelligence service stated in a press statement today that the so-called / Iwaz Beyaz / nicknamed / Zardasht Qara Deniz / was responsible for the special forces of the PKK operating in northern Iraq, and a Turkish intelligence force was able to follow him and kill him in Gara area of Dohuk Governorate, northern Iraq.

The Turkish security source indicated that Beyaz joined the PKK in 1994 and carried out attacks targeting the Turkish police and gendarmerie forces in the states of Sinop and Trabzon in northern Turkey in different years.

Beyaz was also responsible for several attacks on Turkish forces participating in counter-terrorism operations in the Zab region in northern Iraq.

With the killing of Beyaz by the Turkish intelligence service in the Gara region, the number of prominent leaders of the PKK who were killed in the region rises to 3 during the last week, as last Thursday, the fourth of this month, a Turkish intelligence force managed to kill the so-called training official in The organization / Ahmed Gumush / and on the next day, that is, Friday, the so-called official of the logistics of the organization's special force / Nechirvan Swan / was also killed in the Gara region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency