Apple Plans to Stop Producing Silicone, Fluoroelastomer Accessories


Apple plans to stop producing silicone and fluoroelastomer accessories, replacing them with products made from next-generation, more environmentally friendly materials.

The move is expected to include accessories such as the iPhone Silicone Case with MagSafe, Sport Band, Solo Loop, and AirTag Loop. Silicone accessories may not be discontinued directly but will be transitioned through gradual replacement until the current inventory is exhausted.

Apple is expected to discontinue leather iPhone cases after the iPhone 15 lineup, replacing them with accessories made from a premium material sold as FineWoven.

The discontinuation of all leather and silicone Apple accessories is believed to be part of a wider move to transition to more environmentally friendly materials.

In a similar context, Samsung recently announced the launch of a new group of environmentally friendly accessories called "Samsung Eco-Friends accessories". The new lineup includes product cases and wearable straps that contain a large percentage of Post Consumer Material (PCM).

While Apple's silicone rubber accessories have a lower carbon footprint than their leather counterparts, they are not made from recycled materials. Materials such as fluoroelastomer are also difficult to recycle due to their heat resistance and robust structure.

Source: Qatar News Agency