The Syndicate calls on the Doctors Syndicate to apologize to the press body

The Journalists Syndicate expressed its anger and strong dissatisfaction with the statements of the head of the Doctors Syndicate, Dr. Shawqi Sobha against some journalists, which was mentioned in his press conference today, and demanded that he immediately apologize to the press body and to the journalists who were insulted.

Dr. was Shawqi Sobha, the head of the Medical Syndicate, held a press conference this afternoon at the headquarters of the Medical Syndicate to announce the union’s position and union steps regarding a professional dispute with the Ministry of Health. During the conference, Sobha attacked some journalists and described them as yellow journalism, and he treated other journalists known for their high professionalism arrogantly and in a professorial manner, which is what The Journalists Syndicate rejects it, along with the entire journalistic body.

The Journalists Syndicate confirms that it is the authority and body that receives any professional complaints against any journalist, and it is the one that examines and decides on the professionalism of any journalist and any behavior of journalists and the media, and that the head of the Doctors Syndicate cannot be an arbitrator or judge in professional cases that are not within his jurisdiction.

The union confirmed that it will follow this case until the end, and will not allow journalists and their dignity to be harmed by any party

Source: Maan News Agency